Passive  Life  Safety  Equipment  and  Systems

What are passive systems?  The word passive implies an object that offers little resistance, or is immobile.  Passive life safety equipment and systems encompasses a broad category of products and hardware designed largely to limit the spread of smoke or fire.  Fire rated doors are probably the most visible in your building.  They protect electrical equipment rooms, mechanical rooms and serve as the access point to areas of refuge and fire exit stairwells.  Passive systems are the easiest to overlook and it is a sad fact that many RFPTs frequently do, despite the very obvious admonishments in Article 9 of ASTTBC’s Practice Guideline:

    “Depending on the discipline, the FPT should observe all conditions in the building, which affect the proper and safe operation of the fire protection equipment and systems.  This includes, but is not limited to...

    • Fire separation doors and walls are in place and that they work properly;
    • Proper location and accessibility to fire protection equipment;
    • Any new occupancy, which could change the level of protection;
    • New walls or separations that might have been constructed and for which fire protection equipment has not been properly installed;
    • Obstructions to the fire protection equipment;
    • Anything else that might affect the proper functioning of the fire protection systems or compromise public health and safety.”

Anubis’ dedicated professionals leave nothing to chance.  Passive systems are identified and noted during several site surveys that take place before and during the normal inspection process that involves your building’s fire alarm, fire sprinklers, extinguishers and other fire protection equipment.  We present you with clear, concise directions with respect to their ongoing maintenance and inspection requirements so that your onsite staff (or designates) can formulate appropriate responses and establish guidelines that ensure compliance with the British Columbia Fire Code. 

Here is a partial list of passive life safety equipment that requires regular service and inspection:

  • Fire doors, closers, latches, strike-plates, push bars and related hardware;
  • Mechanical fire shutters, fusible linkages, and related hardware;
  • Mechanical smoke and fire dampers (door, and wall mounted, manual or automatic release, tension or gravity deployment);
  • Fire and smoke stopping;
  • Signage (i.e. “Fire Exit Door - Keep Closed”);
  • Mechanical door holders, fusible linkages, and related hardware;
  • Evacuation floor plans and instructions;
  • Refuge areas;
  • Escape slides and ladders;
  • ECOM infrastructure repeaters and power supplies.

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