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Anubis Systems Technologies has been providing professional fire alarm Verification, Inspection and servicing of building life safety systems to customers in Vancouver and across the British Columbia Lower Mainland since 1996. From your first call, our job isn’t done until we’re satisfied that your project’s life safety equipment and systems have been inspected and serviced to our exacting standards.  This means going above and beyond that which is required by national Standards, and local Codes and Regulations.  It’s also what sets us apart from any other fire protection service company you’ve ever dealt with.

Eye of HorusUncompromising service and inspection shouldn’t come at a high price.   We provide affordable solutions that help ensure your project’s timely completion and full compliance.  Let us demonstrate what courteous, knowledgeable, professional service of the highest calibre can mean to your peace of mind.

Anubis Systems Technologies provides a comprehensive fire safety, security, and related technologies information resource through the maintenance of this website.  We hope to empower you to make an informed decision with respect to your personal or business security and building life safety systems service.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our representatives regarding your project’s particular requirements, please feel free to contact us!

Your life safety demands no compromise!



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